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Mazda Millenia
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The Mazda Millenia was a car manufactured by Mazda, originally planned as the second of three luxury cars for the luxury brand Amati. As Mazda's dwindling finances no longer permitted the launch of the Amati brand, the Millenia was launched in the autumn of 1993 in Europe (as the Xedos 9) and Japan (as the Eunos 800) under the Mazda brand. The car was launched in North America in 1995 as the Millenia, and replaced the 929 as Mazda's flagship sedan offering there. The 929 had been the last rear- wheel drive Japanese import sedan since the discontinuation of the Toyota Cressida in 1992, whereas the Millenia was front-wheel drive, giving rivalry to the Nissan Maxima at the time. The Millenia was facelifted for the 2000 through 2003 model years. There was no model link to the other Mazda marque fini. Having been developed for a separate audience from typical Mazda customers, the Millenia boasted a myriad of finer details.

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